Summer staycations: One-tank trips that will take over the summer

Kendell Simpson and Becca Garber

The final school bell rang what felt like ages ago and the warm summer air is a refreshing break from the school’s frigid air conditioning. With no more tests, quizzes, or homework filling up all the free space in your schedule, how are you supposed to occupy your time? Vacations can take forever to execute, waste tons of your disposable cash, and almost always never make it past the planning stages. But one tank trips are quick, easy and fun ways to explore places with a single fill-up of gas or less. Find and discover some of the coolest places in Indiana that are only a couple of gallons away. 


Wolf Park: 70 miles, 1 hour and 19 minutes from Noblesville 

Located in Battle Ground Indiana, Wolf Park is a nonprofit conservation park dedicated to wildlife. The park is focused on the conservation, research, and education of the public about wolves, and other types of flora and fauna within our country. Over their 75 acres the park houses six wolves as well as different species of foxes, bison and other Indiana wildlife which they’ve named ambassadors. The tours provide a glimpse of these animal ambassadors up close and visitors can participate in excursions like “Howl Night” and “Picnic with the Pack.” This location does require prior planning before you visit to reserve tours and be a part of their many programs, but it’s still worth the trip to Battle Ground. 


Cataract Falls: 78 miles, 1 hour and 30 minutes from Noblesville 

Cataract Falls, part of the 1400-acre Cagles Mill Lake, is located in the Lieber State Recreation Area, a state park that spans 8075 acres. With countless trails and areas to explore, activities at Cataract range from hiking to swimming and picnicking. The park offers a range of different activities for different people. This area is full of wildlife and a great place to explore the nearby trails, cool off in the lake, and take in the sights while enjoying quality time with your friends or family. 


Selfie Wrld: 24 miles, 38 minutes from Noblesville

Selfie Wrld Indy is the place to go when you need an update for your Instagram feed. With more than 35 hands-on installations, the possibilities are endless, especially when the seasons change and new trends arise. Different lighting and fashionable props are bound to lead to cool pictures to post on any platform. Tickets for admission need to be purchased before entering – adult tickets are $25 for one hour and $40 for two.