Peers behind the cheers: The backbone of the student section is showing up this year

Olivia Gonzalez and Maria Celis

It’s the first game of the football season, and senior Avery Pohlman is hard at work. Loud cheers followed by a deafening silence tension fill the air and it’s time for Pohlman to do her job. She gets up and screams—inviting students to join her, to stay upbeat and positive—even when things do not go as planned.

Pohlman is a student section leader, meaning that she is one of the people responsible for attending almost all sporting events, choosing themes for games, and organizing cheers. In short, she is in charge of school spirit. 

“Being a student section leader connects me more to the community and to the students at Noblesville. I hope to make most sports teams feel supported by their classmates and [by] us,” Pohlman said. 

As a student section leader, Pohlman is able to choose different themes for games, a task that she enjoys very much.

“We want to get creative [with the themes],” Pohlman said. 

“I’m now in control of things [that] I wasn’t before and my friends and I can all stand in the front, which brings in a lot more freedom.”

The job of a student section leader brings up different perks, like front row seats to games; however it also offers its fair share of challenges to each event. 

“[The student section] makes my weeks very busy since I’m expected to attend every athletic event, meaning almost every night I have a game to go to,” Pohlman said.

The efforts made at every game help support and connect the NHS students. The effort that the student section leaders put into themes and cheers does not go unnoticed. Athletic director Leah Wooldrige has observed a significant increase in game attendance.

“Attendance at all of our sporting events has been outstanding, a definite increase [from previous years],” Wooldrige said.

The spirit that the student section brings is not only for support, but also a higher incentive: The Banner—a coveted prize which is given to the high school with the most fiery student section by WISH TV News 8’s sports department. This acts as motivation to create a supportive student section. 

“I absolutely love leading the student section,” Pohlman said.