Picture day: The class of 2023 upholds the tradition of senior photos with a unique flair

Anthony Pratt and Maggie Hoppel

Allie Harris had everything figured out. She had already picked out her outfits, found a photographer, and finished her makeup. And staring down the lens of a camera, she felt excited for how her senior photos would turn out. When she had gotten her pictures, the moment finally started to make sense. She said that “at that moment I realized that this was it, and I’m a senior now.” 

Many seniors believe that senior photos are a symbol of all their accomplishments leading up to senior year. They want to make sure that they come out perfectly, and what better way to do that than with a good photographer? 

Harris, a senior at NHS, had her senior photos taken in August and saw it as a coming of age experience. Harris elected to have her photos done professionally by photographer Hannah Lockhart. Lockhart, who specializes in portraits, worked with Harris in a variety of locations and environments. 

“I had two different locations with six different outfits and two makeup looks with a makeup artist,” Harris said.

To prepare, Harris turned to the Internet for inspiration. Her goal was to put together an outfit that represented her personality. 

“I bought clothes that were similar to a Pinterest board I created, with a fancy look in mind,” Harris said. 

According to Harris, posing for the pictures was awkward at first, but it didn’t take long for her to get the hang of it. By the end, Harris was truly happy with the results.

“I’m going to post them on [instagram], use them for my grad party invitations, and display them in my house,” Harris said. 

Harris said that she had a positive experience with her senior photos because she spent a lot of time looking for a photographer that fit her style. For seniors present and future, she suggests taking the time to choose a photographer who will best capture their unique traits. 

“Choose someone whose work you like, and also someone who matches your personality,” Harris said. “If you actually like your photographer and you can trust them, then your [pictures] will turn out great.”

Sara Fife, another senior at NHS, had her pictures taken around the same time as Harris. Fife started her preparation to take the pictures the same way she gets ready for school every day.

“I just straightened my hair and put on the makeup I typically wear to school. I really didn’t want it to be over the top, but I wanted to make sure that [the photos] looked like me,” Fife said.

Fife hired NHS graduate Avery Troxel to take her photos. She said Troxel’s friendly demeanor made her feel more at ease during the process. 

“Avery really made an effort to get to know me,” Fife said. “She feels more like a friend to me now than just the person who took my senior pictures.”

By the end, Fife said she had a great experience with getting her pictures taken. She was excited to see the finished product when it arrived. 

“It was amazing… [the pictures] really show me and I was very happy with them,” Fife said. 

Although the photos turned out beautiful, Fife seemed most proud of the fact that the photos were able to accurately capture the person she is at seventeen. Above all, she believes that the best senior photos are the ones that show students being students. 

“I would recommend just really being your authentic self, and to embrace the experience,” Fife said. “You’re in the driver seat, so the way you act or pose will influence the whole experience.”


Find Hannah Lockhart on Instagram at @hannahlockhartphoto, or visit her website at www.hannahlockhart.com

Avery Troxel can be reached by email at [email protected], or visit her website at www.averytroxelphotography.com