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Kaleigh Newton

December 6, 2017

        All photos by K. Newton



November 21, 2017


T Swift’s new song, “look what you made me do” is a flaming statement of unfinished revenge

T Swift’s new song, “look what you made me do” is a flaming statement of unfinished revenge

October 2, 2017

     The first song from Taylor Swift’s new album, “Reputation,” may have only debuted at the en...

Artist of the Issue: Blake Eller

Artist of the Issue: Blake Eller

September 8, 2017

    Four instruments, three bands, one Blake Eller. The band is built on good musicians, and Blake El...

10 myths teachers tell you

Lexi Leisure, Staff Writer

May 30, 2017

1.) Myth: “This is all going to prepare you for the real world.” Truth: Sure, some of the things you learn may actually be useful, but most of it you’re going to forget by next week. 2.) Myth: “You can’t turn in late work.” Truth: There are some teachers who are strict with turning in late work and others that...

“Bates Motel” review

“Bates Motel” review

March 10, 2017

    Once upon a time there was a lovely mother and son who moved to town and bought a motel. Wai...

A taste of fall

Hayley Nord, Web Editor

November 8, 2016

   What could be more delicious than a fresh muffin? Or homemade apple pie? Or how about a yummy scoop of pumpkin ice cream? Below are these fun recipes to serve at your next holiday party. Pumpkin chocolate chip muffins: Ingredients: 3/4 cup white sugar 1/4 cup vegetable oil 2 eggs 3/4 cup canned pumpkin 1/4 cup water...

Painting her own picture

Eli Maxwell, Staff Writer

September 27, 2016

Inspiration can be found in many different places. For some people, it is found in their natural surroundings. For others, it is found in everyday things and events.     NHS Emily Brooks searches for her muse for her artwork.      “I find a lot of inspiration through music and also the people around me...

Turning back time

Turning back time

September 1, 2016

Harry Potter’s birthday celebration has evolved quite a lot; while his birthday went unnoticed at ...

10 things to do before you graduate

10 things to do before you graduate

May 12, 2016

Another wonderful high school year is quickly coming to a close with only a month left. For seniors,...

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