Hot Trends: Stay cool and stylish this summer

Anna Egleson, Staff Writer

Summer style has been puzzling people for ages. Regardless of the climate you live in, if you’re a Fall or Winter person, it can be incredibly hard to find summer clothes that you like, and are comfortable for the rising temperature. Many people may fight a never ending battle with Summer clothing, inspiring this Summer style guide, informing you about trending, yet comfortable, summer styles.

Platform Sandals:

“Platforms sandals are interesting because they’re trendy and the look clean and modern. Like, you could wear them to go shopping, or to the beach or something, they’re just cute for everything.” -Sophomore Claire Bergdoll


Beaded Jewelry:

“Beaded jewelry feels like summer to me. I used to make beaded jewelry at summer camps, so it feels kind of like that but more elegant. Like it grew up along with me.”

-Sophomore Cristina Andrews


Maxi Skirts:

“It depends, sometimes they look like pilgrim clothes, but fun patterns or fun tops make them really cute and springy; tight fitting tops work best when paired with maxi skirts to contrast the flowy-ness of the skirt.”

-Sophomore Kymaia Edge

Tote Bags:

“Totes are really cute and stylish, especially for summer. They can hold basically anything, and are really convenient when I have a lot of stuff to carry around.”

-Sophomore Eli Disser

Mom Jorts:

“I like longer, baggy jean shorts because they look cool and stylish. They’re a nice medium length but they don’t look like you’re a 40 year old mother of 3.”

-Sophomore Averie Bowen

Crochet Tops:

“Crochet tops are cool because they’re handmade, and the person who made it can express themselves with it. I feel like they express the wearer more than traditional mass produced clothing. Plus they’re adorable!”

-Sophomore Brooke Dinius