It’s Not Me, It’s You : How to identify red flags in a relationship and what to do next

Anna Guinn and Caitlin Hall

You’re the therapist of your friend group. It’s your responsibility to hide your own feelings so you don’t emit them onto others like your friends do to you. When your boyfriend comes over, you stay quiet so as to not upset him. Another mistake today and you’ll set him off again. But why is it your responsibility to surrender your freedom to protect peace?

The normalization of red flags in relationships in today’s society makes it difficult for many people to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy relationships. 

Sophomores Madison Hampton and Jasmine Giboney, senior Lauren Rohn, and Mark Pardue, the Mental Health Coordinator for Noblesville Schools, have all had their own personal run-ins with unhealthy relationships, whether that be romantic relationships or friendships.

What Would You Say Red Flags are in a Relationship?

“Knowingly— and consistently— breaking a person’s boundaries and trust is a huge red flag. Relationships require respect from and for all members,” said Lauren Rohn, senior at NHS.

“If you can’t treat your mom right cant treat a girl right, same thing cant treat your sister right cant treat your girl right,” said Jasmine Giboney, sophomore at NHS.

What Would You Say is Something Most People Would Say are a “Deal Breaker” in a Relationship?

“I’d say cheating is a big one. Then also lying and being manipulative,” said Madison Hampton, sophomore at NHS.

What Would You Say Green Flags are in a Relationship?

“Them being caring and like having a heart, green flag! You don’t want them to be cold hearted,” said Giboney.

What is Something You Think is Most Important in a Relationship?

“Communication is key! Establishing boundaries through communication allows all people in a relationship to be respected and heard,” said Rohn.

What is Something Kids Should Know When Getting Into a Relationship?

“Do not, I repeat DO NOT make any decision just because you feel like you are supposed to, or because you feel pressured. Be true to yourself and your values at all times. It is when we betray ourselves to meet someone elses vision of what we should be  that we lose ourselves. Live your flippin’ truth,” said Mark Pardue, Noblesville Schools Mental Health Coordinator.