The pathway to success: High school can be stressful, but with advice, it can be easier to find the right path to follow

High school can be stressful, but with advice, it can be easier to find the right path to follow

Hailey Durm and Samie Eldridge

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The “Game of High School” is more than a game – it’s a constant battle for students each and every year. Freshman year can especially be a struggle, with a new school and new challenges. But words of advice from seniors can help newcomers turn that stress into a much more easily conquered challenge on the road to success.

The Pathway to Success

“First, I think it’s important to find out how your brain works. For example, if you are a visual learner, meaning you prefer to watch videos or write/draw things out, do that. Everyone is wired differently, so knowing how your brain works can really help you find the resources you need in order to succeed.”
-senior Arden Woodall

“Noblesville enables us with lots of opportunities like clubs and after school activities; so [be] involved in your community such as service groups. Also, if you are a stellar student, do National Honors Society. [Or] do Key Club. There are just so many different ways to diversify your education, so I think it’s important to take advantage of that.” – Woodall

“Freshman year counts and it’s one of the easiest years, so actually try on your grades. Remember that it’s 100% okay to ask questions or need help.” – senior Sofia Zofkie

“Don’t be scared to get to know people or get involved in high school and remember to be nice to everyone.” – senior Savannah May

“Know that honors classes are more if you want to challenge yourself more and want harder classes in general, but AP classes are actual college classes and they help in applying for college and getting credits.” – May

“Always make lists. Write down everything you need to do on paper and take it day by day for homework. If you do it the night that you got it, you won’t ever be stressed. If you have a test on Friday, start studying that Monday and around 10-30 minutes each night.” – Zofkie

“A lot of teachers put study resources on Canvas or they will give you worksheets, or links to quizlets, or you can make a Yabla, do a Duolingo. There are a lot of given resources that you should definitely take advantage of, but also it is important to go out of your way to find other ones.” – Woodall

“My biggest advice for freshmen would be to get active. Go to the sporting events, run for class president, play sports, or join a club. Get involved in school because you can’t redo high school, and if you start getting active as a freshman, it helps you meet people and administrators can get to know you.” – Zofkie

“Me personally, I am extroverted, so I prefer studying with people. You can stay after school at the library and discuss work problems with each other, you can go to the public library, go to someone’s house, Starbucks, like, it’s really ‘the sky’s the limit.’ I would say with studying because there are so many different ways, and it’s all individual, based on how you prefer to learn.” – Woodall

“I know it’s scary to put yourself out there as a freshman, but it is important to engage yourself as much as possible, even if you don’t want to be as connected with your community it is very fulfilling for yourself” -Woodall

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