Never be satisfied: the Noblesville Millers baseball team prepares for the spring season

Parker Mutter, Business Manager / Opinions Editor

That moment. Every sport, competition, and test could likely be simplified in just a handful of those moments- the hardest math question, the hardest note in the song, the walk off home run. But when does that moment begin? Does it begin right then? Right when it actually happens? Does it begin on test day, competition day, or game day at all? Absolutely not. That moment began with preparation.


Right now, the Noblesville Millers baseball team is already preparing for their spring season, two months away from their first games. With regular practices twice a week and weights once a week, the athletes have begun setting goals and expectations for their upcoming season. 


“Win sectional eight,” sophomore baseball player Joshua Peek said. “That’s the theme of the team this year.”


Peek summarized the team’s focus into hard work, accountability, and just being the best you can be. Fellow teammate and sophomore Lucas Stephan shared his mentality preparing for the season.


“We got a lot of good arms,” Stephan said, “and we’re gonna fight like dogs.”


As players and coaches prepare, so does prominent Miller sports fan Bryce Murray, already brainstorming signs and chants for the season.


“It makes me happy to cheer on my friends,” Murray said, adding, “It feels good to be a Miller.”


And as the season constantly crawls closer, the team keeps certain ideals close to their chest.


“Do the little things right,” senior baseball player Kolby Kazmierski said, “and never be satisfied with not being great.”